Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

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A special insurance program to protect you from lawsuits of bodily injury or property damage

Coverage Includes Suits Arising Out Of:

  • Injury or death of clients and guests
  • Property damage liability
  • Incidental medical malpractice

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Who Qualifies for this Program?

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Motorcycle insurance from Charles Alexander Insurance in Charlotte North Carolina

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Intended for individuals in the {{choose profession}} profession, this program provides protection for the Policyholder against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Coverage is provided up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. There is no deductible amount.

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The Optional Coverages

Equipment Coverage

This Inland Marine insurance product provides coverage for your equipment and contents up to the specified limit.

Excess Liability Coverage

This coverage provides additional liability limits increasing the liability coverage per each occurrence.

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverage

This liability coverage provides protection for rented, borrowed and other non-owned vehicles driven on trade or service business.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Liability coverage is provided for claims arising out of alleged sexual abuse and/or molestation.

$5,000 Medical Expense Benefit

This coverage will reimburse an injured client or guest for medical and/or funeral expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury or death, regardless of whether you are liable or not. This coverage does not apply to your participants.

Increased Aggregates

This option increases the aggregate limit of liability insurance from $1,000,000 to larger amounts.


The general liability coverage is provided by {{insurance company name}}, "A" (Excellent) rated by A.M. Best Company.


Rates are determined based on state and level of coverage. The Liability Program rates begin at:

Please note that a $50.00 Administrative Fee will be added to all orders.

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